HR Request for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

by FourVision

Centralize all HR related requests with the Web App HR Request for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Take all HR related requests in your organization. These can be supported by the Web App HR Request for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.
Quite often the Human resources department gets overloaded with related requests from employees, managers and (HR) specialists. Most of these requests are often addressed in big volumes and in an unstructured way, like email, telephone or direct queries from employees at the HR desk.

The HR Request Web App structures and monitors all kind of requests. It allocates the incoming workload and supports organizations who centralize their HR activities into a Shared Services Center (SSC). HR Request supports (partly) centralized HR Shared Service Center on administrative tasks like Common HR transactions, Payroll changes, relocation services, recruitment administration, benefits administration. The Web App HR Request also supports frequently provided information and advice.

FourVision Web Apps are designed to work with the latest HR solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Key Takeaways - Simple submission of HR request - One single entry point for all HR Request - Track the entire process of the request - Leave commentary with each status change - Managerial overview of all requests made - Configurable request forms with custom fields - Auto-filling of information - Notifications that alert managers to take actions - Notifications that inform employees on the status of each request - Dashboards for employees, managers and the HR department - Reporting on HR request trends - Flexible and easily configurable workflow - Multi-device access - GDPR Compliant

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