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Fracttal SPA

Maintenance and Asset Management Software for IoT - CMMS / EAM for IoT

Software for maintenance Management (CMMS) and business asset management (EAM), available on any internet enabled device 24/7. It allows your team to be more productive avoiding failures and reducing the costs of your company. Fracttal bridges the gap between physical and digital assets, capturing information in real-time to predict and respond to possible failures in order to help companies world-wide work better.

  • 100% Cloud Access your data from anywhere on your desktop or mobile device. Your information is always safe and available.
  • Differential Pricing Finally role based pricing model that make sense! No more obsolete license fee structures, or paying the same for all users irrespective of system use.
  • Virtual Disk Stores all your information in your own virtual disk (plans, pdf, images, videos, documents and any type of file).
  • Import and Export Import and export all necessary information from XLSX / XLSM / XLSB / ODS / XML / CSV formats. Your information belongs to you.
  • Live Notifications Receive inmediate notifications about any aspect of your operation. Your team informed always.
  • Reports Generate and prints reports about tasks, work orders, purchase orders, applications and more. No more lost hours organizing information.