Frameable Spaces

by Frameable Inc

Discover new possibilities for remote collaboration within Microsoft Teams.

Frameable Spaces makes video and audio calls with coworkers quick and efficient. Improve the Microsoft Teams in-call experience with advanced features such as multiple screen shares and a live dashboard of ongoing meetings and office activity.

Frameable Spaces is a collaborative solution to boost workforce productivity by enabling real-time collaboration with four simple features: Meetings, Rooms, People and Insights.

The Meetings tab shows statuses synced from Microsoft Teams and Outlook in real-time, allowing you a view of all office activity.

Rely on persistent project rooms, offices, and war rooms in our Rooms tab to meet and collaborate live, and easily find commonly shared and referenced documents, files, and links in one centralized location.

No more searching colleagues one by one to see who's available. Have a bird's eye view of everyone's availability by simply scanning the People tab. A quick glance around your team's space will let you see if your colleagues are in a meeting, on a call, focusing or away.

Use the Insights tab to access easily digestible metrics and set up alerts to improve team engagement and productivity. Make informed decisions with actionable data readily available.

Optimize your remote work experience using Frameable Spaces within Microsoft Teams:
  • Share multiple screens at the same time, making collaboration and pairing on a project easy and fluid.
  • Streamline your communications so that you never miss a notification.
  • Scale your Space to fit the needs and size of your organization.
  • Mix and match our four features for what best suits your team.
  • Sign in seamlessly through your existing MS Teams software

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