Digital Factory


Improve and optimize your operations with Fujitsu Digital Factory

Digital Factory is aimed to optimize the operations of your enterprise and to improve availability, performance and quality. All operations are aligned with the end-to-end business value chains in sustainable manner with special focus given to craftsman shortage and labour enablement at your factory. Building on our experience with manufacturing E2E processes, we are using Microsoft Cloud Services as the foundation to enhance manufacturing E2E processes and streamline data collection, analysis, visualization, and operations management to improve real-time decision making and productivity.

What Fujitsu is offering:
  • Apply IT/IoT/OT technologies for achieving to the next level of productivity and sustainability. Modular and scalable solutions to support re-designed factory architecture for the digital transformation and security
  • Apply AI for right process to help craftsman and clear visibility with back-end solutions and information at the factory floor

  • By default factory security

  • Management Judgment for manufacturing site issues such as defect rate , quality and productivity by data-driven process.
  • Improving the efficiency of human work and shifting standardization works .
  • Shorter period enablement of labor by AI covering for some task.
  • Attractive work environment for young generation.
  • Support achieving Carbon Neutrality

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

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