Print as-a-Service (PRAAS)

by Fulton Francis Group

PRAAS is ONE global platform, service, agreement and relationship to manage enterprise print & scan

Background – For 20 years Fulton Francis have worked with global enterprise customers as a vendor independent advisor for Managed Print Services (MPS).  We achieved rare insights into what customers desired in their ultimate MPS.  The desired solution didn't exist so we designed it, teamed up worked with several Microsoft ISVs and partnered with Microsoft to deliver it all on Azure.


The replacement for MPS we call Print as a Service … and … our new company we call PRAAS.


Vision –There only needs to be ONE vendor independent platform and service to manage the world’s print/scan devices, users and activity in a secure, compliant and consistent manner regardless of user location – this is PRAAS.  


Capabilities – PRAAS provides customers with nine key management capabilities: Print Management, Scan Management, Activity Management, Contract Management, Device Management, Consumables Management, Billing Management, Insights Management and Service Management.


Goals – As a result of COVID-19, the initial focus of PRAAS is to help companies resolve print security and compliance issues with many employees now working from home .. and … also help these companies address the underutilized print capacity they now have in the business office.  The ultimate goal of PRAAS is to use insights informed by platform data to drive digital transformation projects and help companies get out of print – for good.


Value – For the customer, at all steps PRAAS will deliver quantifiable savings, productivity and sustainability outcomes in a secure, compliant and consistent manner against the status quo.  For Microsoft – As well as driving ACR, PRAAS utilizes Power tools for customer reporting (and for process automation in the future) and will create opportunities for AIP and DLP helping customers reduce security and compliance risks.

At a glance