Purchain: Backed-up traceability by Blockchain for all types of supply chain

This application is available only in French PURChain is THE Blockchain Solution as a Service to meet the need for transparency and traceability of supply chains as complex they may be... providing real-time pieces of information depending on your industry.
  • Create your supply chain, model your channels; you are now ready to track your load in real time.
  • Entirely web-based, grant access to the employees, partners and every other interested party from any place in the world regardless of their industry. Agriculture, Cosmetics, Healthcare and various other areas have already been implemented in live environments.
  • Customise your experience by connecting your Information System and joining an IoT platform to enhance precision on event monitoring and shipment directory. Automatic event notifications and alerts let you stay ahead. We report status changes, warnings and many others.
  • Tokenise your loads and value your traceability data for informed decisions with an ERC721 token. Discuss your performance over time to improve your process, and market this data to gain trust in your actual and future clients ... with a single intuitive and straightforward interface
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