Financial Reporting Software for ERP on Dynamics

by FYIsoft

Cloud-based solution brings time-saving automation and visualization to any Dynamics-based ERP.

FYIsoft's financial reporting software, ReportFYI®, integrates with your ERP to automate multi-entity reporting and consolidation. You can complete all your financial statement consolidation, report formatting and distribution in minutes, even in complex environments with frequently changing reporting demands.

Part of a unified FP&A suite for financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting, ReportFYI is cloud-based, providing 24/7 access to financial data from any web-enabled device, without the limitations of Microsoft Excel or reliance on VPN connections.

ReportFYI is an ideal replacement for Management Reporter or FRx, with similar functionality, more power, and automated conversion of existing reports.

Problems That ReportFYI Solves

  • Does it take too long for your team to create, format, and distribute all your financial report packages following financial close? With FYIsoft, this is accomplished in minutes.
  • Are your reporting processes riddled with error-prone manual work, like importing/exporting files, juggling massive spreadsheets, tracking down formula errors, or emailing reports? With FYIsoft, the process is automated and error-free.
  • Is it difficult and time consuming to change reports to reflect new accounts, reorganizations, or acquisitions? With FYIsoft, these changes are made in an instant with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Do you wish you could spend more time contributing strategic insights instead of compiling data? With FYIsoft's suite, "data to insights" time is nearly instantaneous, freeing finance leaders to proactively guide the business forward.
  • Is IT frequently pulled away from their mission-critical responsibilities to address financial reporting needs? FYIsoft is designed for finance to use independently.

Key Benefits for Microsoft Customers

  • Powerful automation of reporting processes including multi-entity consolidations and report distribution.
  • Familiar “rows, columns, trees” structure makes it easy for finance to learn and use without IT assistance.
  • Automated conversion of existing reports from Management Reporter or FRx.
  • Ability to create or change reports, and run any ad-hoc reports needed, with a few simple clicks.
  • Fully integrated suite for financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting - all built on Microsoft technologies.
  • Attractive pricing that delivers enterprise strength and functionality, without the costs or rigidity of high-end systems.

Automation Power

  • Automated consolidation of financial data from multiple entities (e.g., companies, locations, departments, divisions), GL systems, or currencies.
  • Automated report distribution sends all financial report packages to all the right people with just one click.
  • Automated formatting creates presentation-ready financial statements with no manual editing required.
  • Automated visualization of financial data with robust, pre-formulated dashboards, KPIs, ratios, and trends when combined with our fully integrated AnalyticsFYI module.
  • Automated integration of budgets, preparation of rolling forecasts, and new budget scenarios when combined with our fully integrated BudgetFYI module.

Could your finance team benefit from results like these?

  • "Reporting used to be someone's full time job. Now it takes just a few hours. We've saved 152 hours every month." -Chip Ellis, CFO
  • "What used to take a full day now takes just five minutes." -Ryan Johnson, Director of Finance
  • "Our ERP couldn't handle the volume of reports we needed. FYIsoft is a life saver and saved our ERP investment." -CFO
  • "We can now distribute all reports to all 400+ stores with just one click. It's a huge time saver especially during close." -Brook Artz, Controller
  • "Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous for financials. We've reduced reporting time 50% with FYIsoft." -Becky Roth, Financial Analyst

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Supported Editions: FYIsoft solutions integrate with any Dynamics-based ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance and Operations, GP, NAV, SL, AX) and others.

Supported Countries: United States and Canada (multi-national support for US based companies).

Supported Languages: This app is available in English (United States)

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