Captisium Universal File Handler

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Automatically open SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams documents in the default app on your desktop.

Open all your Online files using the default applications

Now you can open all your files in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and Outlook Online as if they were stored on your local PC. Users will quickly appreciate how easily they can open, edit and save just about any file to these environments with the Captisium Universal File Handler. People store just about everything in SharePoint today. This becomes a problem for users when they want to use the native software programs and open their files using their desktop or laptop software. The only option is to download the file, open the downloaded file with the app, make edits, and then upload it again. A very tedious manual process, and when it comes time to upload the modified file back to SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive, if they get it wrong, they could lose days or even weeks of work by copying over new work with old work.

There is a better way!

With Captisium Universal File Handler, users click "Open with Captisium" from the menu flyout and within seconds the file will load and open the file using the default software application. When the user has finished editing the file, it is automatically saved back to the location it was opened from. Making the whole process of integration and your digital transformation simple and easy for users. Who doesn't love great user adoption?
Trying to open a file that isn't a native Microsoft Office File, isn't really all that easy! Currently, a user will need to check the document out, download the file and save it somewhere, launch the software that will open the file, select the file from the software application, and then edit the document. That's just the first half of the job. Once the file is edited and saved, the user will need to locate the file again, upload it to where it originally came from, and then check-it back in. Users just don't want to do all this!

Open with Captisium

Every file in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and Outlook Online is easily and instantly opened with the apps that users already know and understand. Without any "Office File Rage", quickly, simply and seamlessly. This allows users to be productive and work without the need to learn something else new as your business transforms.
User licensing includes Classic and Modern sites, so it doesn't matter if you are using old sites, new sites or a mixture of both.
All your files for apps like Adobe Cloud Suite, AutoCAD, Legacy Microsoft Office applications, and many others will become native in your online environments. 

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