GEP SMART Savings Project Tracking

by GEP (NB Ventures)

Intelligent Savings Project Tracking Solution Built Natively on Azure

The GEP SMART™ savings project tracking solution allows you to easily build, track, and manage your savings pipeline by collaborating with team members and stakeholders in real time.

Key features and capabilities:
• Map savings forecasts to budget levels and actual spend
• Time and event-based alerts and reminders
• Seamless flow of data from sourcing events and contracts
• Automated validation and savings approval
• Configure milestones and set approval rules

Initiate new savings projects based on opportunities identified through spend analysis. Ideate and discuss them with colleagues. Define the scope of your savings initiatives. Establish estimated spend and savings targets, then define milestones based on when you expect to negotiate and realize those savings. Create teams, assign resources, and roll out new savings projects. Then track them easily as you negotiate and realize savings through the year.

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