Ellie Patient Engagement and Care Management

by Get Real Health

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Empower your patients with tools to better manage their health and collaborate with their care team.

Ellie links patients and care managers in a collaborative and supportive partnership while providing patients with tools to help them participate in their own care once they leave your office.

Engage and Empower Your Patients

Ellie empowers patients with useful tools for better health, plus easy communication and collaboration, all in a powerful yet user-friendly mobile app.

  • Patients receive an engaging, relevant, customized care plan tailored to their specific needs.
  • Ellie connects to devices so health data gets automatically updated, freeing the patient from doing so manually.
  • Ellie gives patients confidence and support once they leave a practitioner’s office through 24/7 remote access to education tailored to their condition and the ability to message their care manager should they need support.

Increase Care Manager Efficiency and Satisfaction

Ellie gives your care managers real-time insight into patients’ lives after they leave your office, thus facilitating better care. Ellie enables patients and care managers to easily communicate, which leads to greater trust, meaningful engagement for better outcomes, and greater efficiency for your practice.

  • Quickly see which patients need priority treatment based on alerts, messages, lack of care-plan compliance, or biometric data.
  • Monitor a patient’s health remotely, to catch problems sooner and intervene at the right moments when patients need support the most.
  • Utilize infrequent patient visits for deep, personal consultations rather than spending time collecting and recording basic data.
  • Ellie saves care managers’ time so they can care for more patients.

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