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Succeed with business processes by making recurring work easier to understand, execute and improve.

One, integrated platform on Azure that connects with Office 365 and Dynamics 365:

Enable your teams to assign roles, create and collaborate around visual process flows, work instructions, cases and recurring tasks.

Gluu helps you to get your repeatable work organized:

  • Make it easy for everyone to understand what to do, who is responsible and how it is done.Learn more
  • Make sure that tasks and registrations are done, monitored and archived at the right time. Learn more
  • Capture issues and ideas while working, make changes and communicate in one, integrated flow.Learn more
  • All is automatically registered for easy reporting, follow-up and improvement.

For Frontline Workers

  • Easily complete tasks and forms on your mobile device.
  • Find the right instruction and save time by not having to contact central staff.
  • Feel safe and confident knowing you work the right way.

For Process Owners

  • Make and communicate changes with a single click.
  • Get ideas, questions and give answers in the right context.
  • Connect people across the organization around ýour process.

For Executives

  • Ensure your strategy gets executed every day.
  • Stay in control of your customer journey while delegating process ownership.
  • Avoid micromanagement and get more time to develop the business.

For CIOs and IT Managers

  • All data is available with token through our web API.
  • Hosted on Azure and ntegrates with Office 365 (Microsoft Graph).
  • Separate company processes and systems to reduce demand for changes and make your current systems easier to understand.
How is Gluu different?

Unlike other Business Process Management software, Gluu integrates with Office 365 and covers all the moving parts of business process management – the process maps, instructions, organisational roles, task execution, logging and communications.

Click the Free Trial! You can have your first process done in minutes - and we offer a free online process advisory meeting to all new sign ups.