CoreTechs® Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

by Gray Matter Analytics

Platform supports scalable solutions that transform providers and payers into insights-driven orgs.

A “cloud-native” platform deployed and developed entirely in the cloud. The platform is built using open source data and analytics technologies. It is agnostic to the cloud infrastructure service provider like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. The platform enables Gray Matter to ingest varying types of data sources in varying frequencies, validate quality of the data, integrate and standardize them and make them analytics ready. Healthcare metrics and measures are calculated, and advanced analytics models executed on the analytics-ready data to generate actionable insights and prescriptions. The generated metrics and measures, predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations are bundled as subscription solutions for the healthcare clients. The platform provides foundational capabilities to all the solutions including security, data mastering, patient/physician centric views, segmentation, application programing interfaces (APIs) and user interface components. These capabilities enable ease and speed of deployment, interoperability and integration with healthcare workflow systems, and standardization and automation of data governance and quality processes. CoreTechs® utilizes an end-to-end approach, beginning with data ingestion to the delivery of targeted financial, operational and clinical data that through the transform and insights engine deliver predictive insights and recommendations, supported by wraparound advisory services. The CoreTechs® platform takes data from disparate sources and standardizes data to provide meaningful insights from integrated clinical, financial and operational sources using Gray Matter’s algorithms. Also, there is no need to rip and replace existing systems as CoreTechs® is the spoke off the data warehouse wheel.

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