AtBot Bot as a Service

by H3 Solutions, Inc.

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Build conversational UIs integrated with your enterprise systems in minutes. #nocode

AtBot puts AI within reach of any front-line business process that can benefit from a conversational user experience. Using intuitive no code building blocks, you can train and deploy bots, tailored to your specific business needs, in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.

AtBot delivers an all-knowing, 24/7 subject matter expert for your HR or Customer service needs. Even better you can automate vacation requests and trouble ticket submissions: your front-line department representatives will realize a substantial drop in trouble tickets, phone calls, IMs, and emails. Tier-1 IT support could become a thing of the past. AtBot quickly enables the ability to provide information and automate tasks

AtBot is Intelligent

Tight integration with Microsoft AI means your bots will have real brains! AtBot makes it simple to incorporate AI into your everyday workloads.

  • Native integration with Microsoft LUIS provides for deep language understanding of users’ requests and questions.
  • Native integration with Microsoft QnA Maker provides simple question and answer pairs for your bots as well as a baseline conversationalist that can drive your users toward actions.

AtBot is Connected

The mystery of connecting to external services in your enterprise bot are solved by training your AtBot bot through Microsoft Flow. With hundreds of connectors, the possibilities are endless!

  • Microsoft Flow provides a simple GUI for designing bot logic.
  • Integrate natural language understanding with built-in integration with LUIS inside the AtBot Flow Connector.
  • Many 3rd party connectors to choose from, AtBot can work with any of them!
  • Don’t see the connector you need? No problem! You can build your own custom connector for any custom needs you may have.

AtBot Works Where You Work

With native deployment to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or any other web application, AtBot brings conversational user experiences to the places your users are already getting work done.

Why AtBot by H3 Solutions

At H3 Solutions (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), we are known for our deep technical expertise in Microsoft technologies and cloud platforms. AtBot offers an innovative no code platform tightly integrated with Microsoft solutions. Building a bot from scratch requires multiple resources, lengthy investment of time, people with coding experience, high degree of maintenance all at a great cost. AtBot delivers a bot to your enterprise in hours versus months, decreasing resources and cost.

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