AtBot Bot as a Service

H3 Solutions, Inc.

Build conversational UIs integrated with your enterprise systems in minutes. #nocode

AtBot puts AI within reach of any front-line business process that can benefit from a conversational user experience. Using intuitive no code building blocks, you can train and deploy bots, tailored to your specific business needs, in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.

AtBot delivers an all-knowing, 24/7 subject matter expert for your HR or Customer service needs. Even better you can automate vacation requests and trouble ticket submissions: your front-line department representatives will realize a substantial drop in trouble tickets, phone calls, IMs, and emails. Tier-1 IT support could become a thing of the past. AtBot quickly enables the ability to provide information and automate tasks

AtBot is Intelligent

Tight integration with Microsoft AI means your bots will h