Digital Humans

by Hammerhead Interactive Ltd

Believable, emotional, and exciting human performance captures as Volumetric Holograms.

Dimension’s world-leading volumetric production studios are elevating and shaping the future of virtual entertainment and content. Based in London, Newcastle and Washington and able to bring XR, digital humans, and virtual production solutions directly to brands and studios around the world, Dimension is the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner.

We are redefining production of realistic digital humans and avatars, enabling storytellers to build powerful connections between viewers and characters. From putting Madonna holograms on stage at the Billboard Music Awards and swing analysis for world #1 golfer Dustin Johnson, to Adwoa Aboah as a virtual supermodel walking catwalks and immersive healthcare training for the NHS, our volumetric film studios create award-winning digital characters for all platforms, from VR to AR to film, drama and live broadcast. We work with brands, businesses, broadcasters, production companies and entertainment studios worldwide to deliver state-of-the-art realism. 

Each of our stages uses up to 110x full motion and 60 integrated high-resolution DSLR cameras with global or dynamic lighting options and bi-colour illumination.  Dimension provides versatile, platform agnostic solutions for all formats and applications from offline to broadcast and real-time. Plug in uncompressed files to your production pipeline, integrate with common broadcast graphics systems or stream via web browser or app. 

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