SalesUp Plateforme eDevis

by HeadsUp

SalesUp is a SAAS platform dedicated to creating and following up all your quotations.

One prospect out of two declares not seeing any difference between two competing quotations.
One Sales rep out of two never follows up on any quotation.
Both facts directly impact your closure rate.

We help companies transforming their traditional proposals formats into e-Quotes (online quotes).
An e-Quote is a proposal in the form of a web site.

This customised web site gives you better chances to impress your added value right from the start, using all medias (video, files, animations, images, sounds …). Prospects can interact with you through the e-Quote (ask for changes, make appointment, place order …).

e-Quotes are equipped with tracking features allowing your sales rep to know exactly who to call, when and their interest profile.

e-Quotes get open 55% more than usual formats, and prospect stay 4 times longer than in traditional proposals.
Get your e-Quote in 60 minutes, try it for free during 30 days. Multi languages.

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