Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management

by Heimdal Security

Patch & Asset Management - Deployment, Vulnerability and Asset Management

Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management Key Benefits

From our unified interface, you can now safeguard both your remote and office-bound employees by eliminating risks
associated with outdated operating systems and apps.

Remotely install Windows and 3rd party application updates and manage your software inventory 

Secure your employees’ endpoints with our scalable, flexible, and intuitive tool, which allows you to cover both Windows and 3rd party software patch deployment.

Simultaneously, Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management allows you to view and manage your software inventory and achieve preemptive vulnerability management, all within a single interface.

Exercise complete control over your environment, stay away from major threats like ransomware, and steadily transition towards a state of true cyber resilience.

Powerful reporting, vulnerability overview, and intelligence

Gain an extensive vulnerability intelligence on your patched software and the current liabilities in your environment. This enables you to assess the need to intervene on certain endpoints if a risk persists for too long.

Our patching and reporting work anywhere in the world and extensive lifetime history reporting is available through Excel spreadsheets reporting or API.

Easy policy creation and deployment

Define policies for software management and automated patching and installation. Schedule updates with our Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD). Blacklist applications per Active Directory group of your environment. Remove admin rights and allow your users to click-and-install only the software approved by you.

Enjoy completely customizable set-and-forget settings that allow you to automatically deploy your software and updates, with a full compliance and CVE/CVSS audit trail.

Heimdal provisions you with fully tested, repackaged and ad-free updates using encrypted packages inside encrypted HTTPS transfers locally to your endpoints. Our distribution is further optimized through local P2P network only between your machines.

This gives you the powerful option to tailor your entire IT environment. You can create policies that meet your exact needs across the Active Directory groups within your organization. Once configured, the deployment is easy and simple.

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