Learning Platform

by Heuristix Digital Technologies Private Limited

Disprz - Enterprise Capability Building Platform

<p>Disprz is a continuous capability building / professional development platform that creates business impact by bridging the gap between learning and working. Disprz is light-years ahead of traditional learning management systems and far superior to learning experience platforms.<br /><br />Disprz packs 3 holistic themes that change the learning and performance culture of your organisation:<br /><br />1) Marketplace of Enterprise Learning Experiences: Disprz brings together all learning experiences, from traditional ones like classroom / instruction-led training, modern ones like live instructor-led training to new-age experiences like micro-learning and MOOC-based learning in a single unified platform, providing integrated analytics across all of them.<br /><br />2) Employee Engagement: Disprz keeps employees not only skilled and knowledgable but also engaged through social engagement and social learning tools like enterprise chat and knowledge forums, which not only help employees stay connected but also act as channels for intelligent / contextual learning recommendations.<br /><br />3) Team management for capability building: Disprz goes the last mile in capability building by arming managers with data and analytics of learning progress and learning performance of their reportees and correlating them with business performance (through integration with business systems). Further, through the engagement tools, managers can micro-appraise reportees and provide capability building feedback almost on a daily basis.<br /><br />Whatever the function, be it sales , R&amp;D, technology, manufacturing or even blue-collar heavy operations, enhance the capabilities of your team everyday with Disprz!</p>

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