Smart Technician with Dynamics

by Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware enables frontline workers and field engineers to work unfettered in times of need

Field Service and Remote assistance have become paramount in the post-covid world where technology enables people to work from anywhere, perform smart operations, and services. This plug and play solution leverages Head Mounted Displays such as Realwear to have hands-free augmented service experience that integrates with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

The Solution offers several immediate and long-term benefits, ranging from improved customer service, effective resource management, increasing expert utilization & productivity, reduce downtime and save time & cost associated travel.

Field Engineers can retrieve and manage work orders from Dynamics 365 hands free with the head mounted display. Make anyone an expert by providing hands-free access to procedural manuals, repair aids, knowledge base and resolution documents.

Improve expert utilization by enabling remote experts to guide field engineers in times of need to perform aided repairs. Remote assistance enables the Field Engineer to share live video feed with the expert using Microsoft Teams, who in turn augments the video with precise visual instructions that are superimposed on the Field Engineer’s field of view. The remote expert can also record the remote session for quality, auditing and training purposes.

Device administration, security & provisioning for HMDs done using Microsoft Intune to push policies and onboard devices for use.

Hexaware Field 360 solution is powered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive new age experiences on top of your existing investments.

Hands free Features as a part of the Field 360 solution:

· Work Order Management
· Access to knowledge base & procedural documents
· Connect with experts virtually for a faster resolution time
· Interactions using Natural Speech
· Fetching, previewing, and navigating process documents

Hexaware also offers plans for immersive content creation. For more information, reach out to us at

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