Highlight Service Assurance Platform

by Highlight

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Highlight provides a top-down, service-orientated view of multi-vendor, multi-tenant network estates

Highlight Service Assurance Platform

Transform and integrate all your provided connectivity technologies into a full managed service portfolio using the Highlight Service Assurance Platform. Highlight provides a top-down, service-orientated view of multi-tenant, multi-vendor network estates, delivering visibility between network service managers and network users alongside a suite of service management, alerting and reporting tools.

Quickly visualise and optimise the whole network with standardised data

The Highlight platform imperceptibly and continuously collects data from nominated connections throughout a network estate. That data is then translated and presented in a clear and understandable way using standardised, colour-coded and flexible visual user interface. This enables service managers and IT teams to instantly know exactly what needs attention within their network estate.

Specifically designed for multi-tenant, multi-vendor managed services at scale

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform is built from the ground up to support large-scale managed network services. The network explorer tree structure supports the deployment and management of multiple different connectivity technologies to multiple different customers or branches. Grant regional or group administration access to your teams whilst letting customers view services that are relevant to them.

Easily accessible real-time and historic connection metrics for multiple technologies

Highlight collects data on a wide range of connectivity technologies, frequently polling and retaining detailed metrics for 12 months. Further summarised data are then held indefinitely. Highlight users can easily utilise this data to see both what is happening in real time and to report on historical performance. There are different types of details pages for different connection types, including SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, switches, broadband, cellular and ethernet.

Establish targeted and proactive support processes with enhanced alerting

The Highlight platform’s highly customisable alerting tools enable you to define exactly what connections or devices trigger alerts, how sensitive alert triggers are and where those alerts go to. Minimise unnecessary alerts by targeting specific connections at high sensitivity or apply lower sensitivity alerts organisation wide. Those alerts can then be sent to any number of email addresses or integrated into service desk platforms via webhooks.

Utilise flexible reporting to monitor SLAs and guide evidence-based IT transformation

The Highlight platform comes with a dedicated on-demand reporting suite that enables you to use real network data to monitor SLAs and make effective and cost-efficient decisions on where to change and invest in your network architecture. Use the visual reporting insights page, the custom reports creator or exporting data using our reporting API to find out how services or locations have been performing over time, including the ability to create SLA exclusions for maintenance or non-fault outages.

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