Hive Analytics & Optimization Bundle

Hive Streaming

Take advantage of Hive and view its effect on employee engagement with Hive Analytics

The Hive Analytics & Optimization Bundle captures the data required to build health reports of your video events while leveraging its signature technology through both agent and script-enabled offerings. 
These Video Insights reports will also include a detailed view on the degree of impact Hive Video Delivery & Optimization has on your company’s overall Quality of Experience (QoE) on specific events. The potential of an engaged workforce can no longer be impeded by the limitations of technology with Hive Streaming enabled. 

What’s Included? 

Hive Customer Dashboard: a resourceful tool to visualize video and viewing trends and snapshots over a set time.
Hive Insights: the portal in which users can visualize their video event through performance graphics driven by KPI’s such as Quality of Experience (QoE), buffering severity, etc. 
Hive Executive Dashboard: this feature empowers users to create a customizable and exportable (.pdf or .pptx formatted) report of a video event, generated through Hive Insights.
Hive Agent: Grants customers with a right to leverage Hive technology through the patented Hive java agent installed on your employees’ workstations for use cases that allow the agent to run. 
Hive for WebRTC: Grants companies the power to leverage Hive technology through the execution of an open script on employees’ workstations that run stream events on a WebRTC platform. 
Congestion Control: Pre-configured algorithm intended to yield network throughput to other activities with higher criticality to your business.
Aggressive Pre-fetching: Hive's agent intelligently anticipates when a video asset will be needed and therefore pulls in stream data for an expedited distribution throughout your network.
Budget Security: Budget security covers up to 50% above the subscribed plan’s budget (eg., 15,000 views for 10,000 annual views plan). 

Views definition: A view is defined by Hive as an event where a viewer opens a live streamed or Video-On-Demand asset. After closing the event, the viewer has up to 30 minutes to view the event again for it to count as the same view; otherwise, the 2nd instance will count as another separate view. 
Plans and Assumptions in Pricing: Our consumption rates are tailored to fit typical video consumption based on your firm’s employee headcount profile. 

If none of the published plan profiles fit your company’s needs, contact Hive for a private offer at 
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