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Hive Streaming ECDN

Hive Streaming

Hive Streaming ECDN - Free Trial of Hive Insights Reporting and Analytics.

Scale Live and On Demand Video Within the Enterprise
Hive Streaming ECDN uses excess network capacity that enterprises already own to deliver high quality live and on-demand video to every user in the organization. Hive is integrated with Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, Stream, Yammer and Skype Meeting Broadcast) so that enterprises can scale the viewing of video without impacting their network.
Microsoft 365 users can get a free trial of Hive Insights (Reporting and Analytics) to assess their networks readiness for video broadcasts.
Quality Video Without Additional Hardware Or Bandwidth
Hive Streaming has developed an enterprise-ready, peer-based (P2P) video distribution service that we believe is the most efficient, cost-effective way to distribute video throughout an enterprise.

How Hive Streaming Works
Without Hive Streaming, users will typically be sent their own unicast stream to view which can bring a corporate network to its knees, affecting the performance of the network for all users. There are other hardware-based solutions, such as caching and multi-cast, that can achieve similar results, but these tend to be more expensive to deploy and maintain. The Hive Streaming solution can be installed as an agent and/or via WebRTC enabled browsers. Is the Network Ready for Live Video?
Hive Streaming also allows you to perform Silent Testing prior to launching your event. This empowers you to test the enterprise network down to the individual desktop to detect possible trouble spots and network readiness prior to the event. This can be done without impacting or involving employees.
Hive Streaming uses enterprise-grade security practices to protect devices and content from theft, corruption, malicious attacks and viruses. Note, when Hive is deployed, we never have any direct access to the content nor does the content pass through our infrastructure.
Really Understand How the Enterprise’s Network is Handling Video
Hive Streaming’s analytics service, provides a vast array of statistics including: • Aggregated event metrics – viewer participation, quality of experience, viewing time, streaming performance, network impact & more. • Powerful ranking lists – locations and viewers by size, quality of experience & more. • Extensive text and map-based filtering capabilities to drill-down into event statistics by geographic location, customer site and individual viewer experience. • Unique network visualizations – illustrating the impact of streaming video on the network. See www.hivestreaming for more details.