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Honeywell Space Sense


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Make every square foot count. Vector Space Sense, a smarter way to manage building spaces

Honeywell Vector Space Sense is a modern software solution that harnesses the power of IoT and data-driven analytics and enables building managers to make better decisions about underused and overused space in their offices. It reduces costs and maximizes productivity by consolidating the real estate portfolio, strengthening facility operations, and driving occupant productivity.

Optimizing Space Utilization through Data-Driven Insights

  • Understanding the utilization of space
  • Optimize energy spend based on space usage
  • Identifying congested and decongested areas consistently within a building
  • Identifying which areas need less housekeeping because of underutilization
  • Address evolving needs of the workforce
  • Quicker on-boarding and seat allocation of new hires
  • Ideal solution

    One that can provide granular and actionable insight on space utilization, and helps identify changes in utilization over a period of time

    Desired Outcomes
  • Consolidate the real estate portfolio
  • Gain insight on occupancy profile, thus helping optimizing energy usage
  • Provide frictionless experience to employees by decongesting
  • Faster on-boarding of a new batch of Employees
  • Improve facility management
  • Use data driven insights to re-purpose and re-design space to drive collaboration and productivity
  • A sensor-driven data integration, analytics, and insights platform that provides actionable information to improve space utilization and reduce operational expense

    Consolidate real estate portfolio
  • Gathers and analyzes building data from a wide variety of sensors
  • Provides insight about space utilization across real estate to identify opportunities to optimize
  • Helps organization get more out of their real estate by optimizing average area/occupant, and understanding usage trends
  • Strengthen operations and security
  • Provides immediate insights on occupancy profile, and optimize energy and utility use.
  • Enables the repurposing of space based on utilization metrics.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by providing insight into actual patterns, rather than projected patterns.
  • Drive occupant productivity
  • Identifies zones of congestion, so managers can take appropriate measures
  • Helps organizations redesign space to drive productivity
  • Enables greater collaboration through granular data that contains localized usage patterns
  • Backed by Microsoft Azure
  • Delivers a secure, robust cloud infrastructure that reassures customers about cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Provides a rich collection of dashboards and analytics help increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of building operations