Desk Booking & Hybrid Work App

by HybridOffice21 GmbH

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Workplace solution to manage hybrid offices, enhance collaboration & optimize office use in MS Teams

Yoffix offers enterprise-ready platform to manage your hybrid offices and teams – smart, intuitive and perfectly integrated in MS 365.

We help mid-size & enterprise clients to introduce a flexible office concept with Shared Desks, steer office attendance & bring teams together while cutting office costs by >50%.

Yoffix is all-in-one workplace solution you need to master hybrid work. Key features:
  • Workweek scheduling to align office days and motivate employees to come back to the office
  • OfficeBuilder to set-up your flex office in minutes - with 3D floor plans and asset allocation to employees or teams
  • Desk booking with just 2 clicks (hourly, weekly repeatable or multiple days bookings)
  • Booking parking slots fully integrated in booking of Shared Desks
  • Team bookings to bring your teams together and optimize weekly office utilization
  • Analytics & reporting to provide valuable insights on office use and attendance
  • Admin control to easily manage & control the hybrid set-up in your company.

Manage your hybrid work easily within MS Teams, integrated with Azure AD and MS Outlook.
Profit from additional integrations (Slack, Google and HRIS like Personio, BambooHR, etc.) and hardware add-ons (SpaceDisplay, RoomDisplay, Check-Ins).

  • Full control over hybrid set-up and office attendance
  • >50% office space & costs optimization
  • Flexible OfficeBuilder with 3D floor plans
  • Easy set-up within few hours and intuitive onboarding
  • GDPR and working council compliant.
Your organization must have an active Yoffix account in order to use this application. Please contact our support team for more information

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