Azure Sentinel Managed SIEM

by Hydra Security

A cost-effective, cloud-native Managed SOC service with predictable billing and flexible commitments

Our services are trying to address the issues we as security managers faced most; Lack and cost of skilled resource, cost or complexity of cyber security solutions, integration challenges and lack of understanding and engagement from wider employees. We believe that we can provide a cost-effective value driven cloud-native solution that contains meaningful and actionable alert data - tailored to your organisation.

We can help you:

  • Perform assessment of existing infrastructure, gather requirements and provide upfront cost estimates for a managed cloud SOC solution
  • Build, configure & maintain your Azure Sentinel instance
  • Build and maintain industry standard & custom business security use cases & content (Continous Engagement)
  • Provide expertise in log onboarding and normalisation/parsing of custom log types and devices, both on-premises and Cloud
  • 24/7 Continuous Protection Monitoring to detect & respond to threats from our Global SOC
  • Use machine learning techniques to profile user behaviour
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Service Review
  • Sixty-three percent of survey respondents find cybersecurity analytics/operations more difficult today than they were two years ago. This increasing difficulty is prevalent across cybersecurity disciplines, impacting the ability of organizations to not only protect critical assets, but also detect and respond to cyber-attacks in a timely fashion.

    Contact us to find out how Hydra Security can give you the visibility and detection you need for your cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

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