Azure Sentinel Workshop & Deployment (Free)

by Hydra Security

Azure Sentinel Workshop & Deployment (Free)

This is a consultative and Engineering engagement to help enable customers to use Microsoft Sentinel and Security Analytics.

Offering Azure Sentinel expertise and services, Hydra Security ltd enables customers to centralize, ingest, and correlate 100% of their logs to ensure their cloud focused environment is secure by offering consultancy and engineering to enable visibility.

 This capability can extend to full 24/7 monitoring of alerts to investigate, classify and validate as known legitimate or false positive activity and can be safely resolved. Customers will benefit from Azure Sentinel configuration, owning their own Azure Log Analytics with full separation of permissions and duties from the cloud security provider (Hydra Security). 

Our services are trying to address the issues we as security managers faced most; Lack and cost of skilled resource, cost or complexity of cyber security solutions, integration challenges and lack of understanding and engagement from wider employees. We believe that we can provide a cost-effective value driven cloud-native solution that contains meaningful and actionable alert data - tailored to your organisation.

We can help you: 

  • Perform assessment of existing infrastructure, gather requirements and provide upfront cost estimates for a managed cloud SOC solution
  • Deploy and Configure Azure Sentinel Instance and integrate (up to 3) supported log sources.
  • Workshop for Security Use Case and Content Management for Industry best practices
  • Sixty-three percent of survey respondents find cybersecurity analytics/operations more difficult today than they were two years ago. This increasing difficulty is prevalent across cybersecurity disciplines, impacting the ability of organizations to not only protect critical assets, but also detect and respond to cyber-attacks in a timely fashion. 

    Contact us to find out how Hydra Security can give you the visibility and detection you need for your cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

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