Panacea™ Integrated Bedside Terminal solution

by i3 Solutions Inc.

Panacea™ is an Integrated Bedside Terminal solution for patient infotainment and clinical access

Panacea™ is an Integrated Bedside Terminal system designed to both optimize clinical practice and provide Patient engagement, at the most important point in the hospital-- the Patient Point-of-care. Developed on the Windows platform, Panacea™ offers a patient access to Television, movies, internet, music games and other distractive content, while at the same time allowing clinicians to chart at the bedside, share medical and health results with patients, scan medications into the medical record and offer up bedside Education directly from the terminal. Panacea™ is fully integrated with the patient room, allowing adjusting of the room lights, temperature blinds and chromatic glass, patient menu ordering, and the ability to page a nurse, all without leaving the bed.

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