IKAN Development N.V.

DevOps (CI/CD) and Toolchain Orchestration for any environment (SAP, z/OS, ODI, ...)

IKAN ALM is a web-based and platform-independent DevOps (CI/CD) framework that integrates with your existing environment, orchestrates your preferred tools and connects the people commonly involved in software projects. It covers the entire life cycle of your old and future projects from idea to implementation.

Using IKAN ALM you will be able to:

  • Manage your application life cycles (main releases, branches, hotfixes,...)
  • Orchestrate your entire toolchain (using your existing tools)
  • Control the Build process (Continuous integration, manual builds,...)
  • Automate the Deployment process (Continous Deployment)
  • Set Approval mechanisms (for proper release management)


It integrates with the tools you already use:

  • Issue Tracking: JIRA, HP ALM, Collabnet; TFS
  • Versioning: Git; TFVC, Clearcase, Subversion, CVS


It supports the following environments:

  • IBM z/OS mainframes (COBOL Assembler, PL/1,...)
  • SAP ABAP and JAVA (including an ABAP versioning component)
  • IBM Websphere
  • Oracle OWB and ODI
  • Any development environment, if you create your own phases


IKAN ALM also has the ability to work together with Jenkins for companies who have already invested in this tool, but need a more robust and complete solution.

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