Manufacturing X Sales Platform (CRM & CPQ)

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Innovative Manufacturing Sales Platform CRM & CPQ

Combining the power of CRM and CPQ with production expertise and analytics insights, Manufacturing X is the sales platform for manufacturing and engineering businesses to:

  • Make fast & profitable business decisions from opportunity to production
  • Estimate the 80% Manufacturing-ready quote faster than ever
  • Balance requirements and competitive pricing, whilst increasing profit margins
  • Meet customer expectations by providing 100% custom solutions at lowest possible costs
  • Extend your business model into spare parts, consumables and services Manufacturing X offers five applications to cover every need of modern manufacturers:
  • Sales Management offers predictable conversions from prospect to quote to production
  • Sales Simplification guarantees to estimate an 80% manufacturing-ready quote within minutes
  • Sales Optimization accomplishes the perfect offer balancing requirements and profit
  • Engineering Sales enables businesses to provide 100% custom solutions at the lowest possible cost
  • Sales Portal serves to extend the business model into spare parts and consumables Simplify your operations, achieve greater customer satisfaction and take advantage of a highly flexible platform that evolves with your organization. Manufacturing X is deeply integrated into manufacturing processes and front-end sales operations to realize competitive advantages and increase profitability.
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