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Trufactor (InMobi Group)


Trufactor- Intelligence-as-a-service platform

    TruFactor’s patented anonymization platform ingests, filters, and processes over 100 TB of raw information daily. Proprietary AI transforms this data into integrated "phygital" consumer graphs accessible via application-ready APIs. Built on the foundation of consumer trust, transparency, and privacy, TruFactor meets the most rigorous governance, compliance, and security standards. TruFactor’s Intelligence-as-a-Service platform is at the intersection of mobile data, AI, and consumer privacy.
      A Phygital Platform We exist in an ever-changing, always-connected world that creates a digital footprint at every intersection of life. For most businesses, lack of data is not the issue. It’s the tethering and implementation of these various data sources that makes them actionable for businesses. TruFactor’s Phygital Graph links elements of both the physical and digital journey, providing organizations an up-to-the-moment, democratized access to Consumer Intelligence. Unaided. Up-to-the-Moment. Always-On. TruFactor collects and moves with life’s micro-moments to capture consumer evolution as it unfolds. Unaided access to consumer engagement provides a window into everyday life. As We Move, Behaviors Change Physical location (where and when) influences engagement. TruFactor’s ability to map both the physical & digital journey provides clarity beyond segmented interactions into how our environments impact life. Delivering the Brand to the Consumer In today’s consumer-brand relationship, the consumer shapes the brand. For businesses it is no longer about personalization but gaining a holistic understanding of a consumer to drive a real connection at the right place and time. TruFactor safely and securely transforms raw CRM and signal information into a secure data set that drives action at scale.
      Data is the currency of today’s global economy. And in an economy where time is the most important commodity, it’s no longer about the big beating the small but the fast beating the slow. No other source uncovers our rapid pace of thought and fluid change of who we are in key moments of time. No longer segment and target by income, age, or generation; tap into the power of mobile and break from conformity.