Managed Oxygen

InSpark BV

Oxygen is an Azure-based Data & AI platform, specially designed for maximum scalability and security

Managed Oxygen™ ​Oxygen offers THE total solution for onboarding, management and security, and is linked to a permanent commitment aimed at innovation with and adoption of Data & AI within your organization.​ InSpark supports you 24x7 worldwide via our security & operations center and ensures that your platform is up-to-date based on data and security technology and knowledge.​ The Oxygen approach Data strategy: ​ Determining the contribution of data to business objectives and transformation, identifying and prioritizing data use cases and classifying feasibility, determining technical, security and compliance require-ments and determining the (innovation) agenda as well as the organizational model. ​ Oxygen onboarding:​ Implementation of Oxygen and the setting up of subscription management, identity & security, networking & connectivity, operational management and possibly migration of (existing) data scenarios and/or the connection of data sources.​ Cloud operations & security:​ Cloud monitoring, back-up & recovery, updates & patches, pipeline management, permanent identity protection, platform and Data & AI application, access and usage audits, incident management and optimization.​ Data driven innovation:​ Informing the organization about data and driving data adoption throughout the organization. Experimenting with new data use cases and building end-to-end data applications together. ​
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