Intel® Trust Authority

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Put Zero Trust Within Reach and Get Public Cloud Flexibility with Private Cloud Security!

When datasets contain sensitive information or intellectual property, or are subject to heightened compliance, enterprise organizations may require workloads and environments to be verified by a third party that is operationally independent from the infrastructure provider.

Introducing a Consistent, Independent, Scalable Attestation Service

To solve this requirement, Intel is introducing a zero-trust, SaaS approach to attestation, rooted in silicon and scalable across multiple workloads and cloud environments—regardless of who provides the infrastructure.

Intel Trust Authority is a new portfolio of software and services that brings enhanced security and assurance to Confidential Computing with Zero Trust principles. In its first generation, Intel Trust Authority for Confidential Computing offers an independent attestation service that attests to Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) that are based on (Intel® SGX) and (Intel® TDX). This single, consistent attestation process provides assurance to any relying party that the TEE and any data and workloads within it have not been compromised.

Key Benefits:


Verify the trustworthiness of the Confidential Computing environment, regardless of who manages the data center.


Scale Confidential Computing across on-prem, edge, multiple cloud, or hybrid deployments with a single, consistent attestation service.

Easy to Deploy:

Easily set, monitor, and verify security policies across multiple cloud environments and improve operational efficiency without the cost and complexity of building your own attestation service.

Intel Trust Authority Enables you to:

  • Migrate to cloud, while remaining in control, with confidential and regulated data
  • Protect artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that meet elevated security and compliance needs
  • Collaborate with multiple parties while maintaining privacy
  • Support NIST Zero Trust Architecture principles with attestation from an independent authority separate from the infrastructure provider
  • Stay compliant from cloud to edge

How it works:

  • Contact Intel by visiting or via the Azure Marketplace to subscribe to the service and obtain API keys.
  • Download and integrate Intel Trust Authority agent into your workload.
  • Request an Intel Confidential Computing (TEE) instance in the cloud.
  • The attestation service verifies the TEE against customer defined policies.
  • The workload executes in the cloud after Intel Trust Authority service provides an attestation verification token for the TEE.

Additional Information:

To start a 30-day, risk-free trial, please visit the Intel® Trust Authority website or by clicking on "Support" in Azure Marketplace.

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