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Intelex Insight

RoiBot ready-to-go analytics solution

Most of the business processes are similar in nature therefore it is not efficient to custom build everything, all the time. RoiBot is ready-to-go business intelligence solution with ready-made dashboards. It utilizes Common Data Model, where business entities have been standardized. Furthermore, it is also possible to extend the model to suit custom needs.
Our solution will be implemented in days not in months or in years. Compared to tailor-made solutions, customers could use industry proven dashboards with KPIs (key performance indicator) as soon as source systems are integrated into RoiBot solution.
RoiBot will give customers instant relief for everyday reporting issues. Using Power BI technology its easy to change standard dashboards and each user can create their own custom reports using actual business data after 2 hour training session on average.
RoiBot has two releases: RoiBot Sales – for sales reporting and RoiBot Finance and Budget – for financial reporting needs. Both solutions will integrate with customer’s ERP or bookkeeping system or other source systems where data is held for reporting purposes. RoiBot is using Microsoft technology for automation of data flow and it can be integrated with every commonly known data source including: Directo, HansaWorld, 1S, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics Online, Oracle Financials, Boom, Moxware, Eeva, Automaster, SAP, Epicor iScala, SAF, IFS, Monitor, Taavi, Noom etc
Demo reports have been designed using our competence from different industries and can be used without modifications for manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, professional services, real estate, distribution and transportation business verticals. RoiBot Financials and Budgeting is even more universal because it is using profit and loss statement as a budgeting template and integrates general ledger data into RoiBot common data model.