CBX for Business and Corporate Banking

by Intellect Design Arena

Cash Management for the 21st century

Contextual Banking Experience (CBX) for Business and Corporate Banking is a Digital Engagement Banking platform.

CBX covers all domains: Account Services, Global and Local Payments, Corporate Liquidity, Cashflow Forecasting, Collections, Receivables, Trade and Supply Chain Finance, and Virtual Accounts.

CBX provides over 400 user journeys that span the full complexity of corporate banking as microservices and UI components. This enables banks to accelerate customer self-service and both up-sell and cross-sell; their services by providing clients with context-aware recommendations on the best-next action or best-next offer needed to meet their immediate objectives.

CBX introduces a refreshing change in digital innovation that enables contextual, relevant and slick user experiences for your corporate and business banking clients and their customers benefit from a best-in-class digital experience for corporate self-service that focuses on an individual consumer's wants, needs and behavior on commercial banking products and services. CBX is built to enable banks to run lean, experiment, and operate with speed and agility while focusing technology resources on innovation.

CBX is context aware and uses AI and machine learning to optimize transactions, anticipate working capital requirements and deliver key insights to its bank customers that help them solve problems to optimize their working capital.

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