Dqlabs Lite


dqlabs an AI Augmented Data Quality Platform was created with the vision to provide a simple way for organizations to handle issues around data quality, governance, curation, master data management effectively. With the use of AI and Machine Learning – the sophistication of the technology is blended carefully with the art of simplicity. All complex tasks around connection, data profiling, curation, master data management and reporting is all done in few clicks.


DATA CATALOG – Connect to offline, online and real-time sources using out-of-the-box connectors. The AI- driven DataSense™ module modernizes the meta data, catalog and taxonomy management. It has search and query capabilities of metadata to facilitate discovery of data assets.


DATA QUALITY – Provides Standard Key Metric based quantifiable Data Quality (DQScore™) score across DataSource, DataSet and Attribute level. Ability to discover patterns, insights, fraud, missing values and correlations across attributes using all connected datasets and data sources within fraction of minutes.

DATA CURATE - ML based smart curation module to automatically curate the data based on the metadata definition. Allows users to schedule and automate data curation with controls on data quality thresholds. Reinforcement Learning is possible with user input on all three levels of curation – Basic, Reference and Advanced.

MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT- Easy entity definition to create master records for customers, products, devices, and other business entities. Automated processing of master records into MDM, update, extract MDM for processing and export for further ingestion and reference data in other applications. MDM layer is supported with Pre-built APIs, RESTful web services.

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