itracks Realtime

by Interactive Tracking Systems Inc (itracks)

All-in one real-time platform to collect insights with online focus groups or interviews.

itracks’ Realtime offers an efficient, cost-effective subsciption to an all-in one real-time platform to collect insights with video-based focus groups, in-depth interviews, and chat-based focus groups.  Because it’s built specifically for focus groups and interviews, you’ll find innovative features that you don’t find in standard business conferencing software, with no program downloads or plugins required. The virtual backroom allows stakeholders to observe the session and interact via video or text in real- time without biasing the research results.  The high quality single-stream video & audio recordings are ideal for research outputs and marketing asset creation.  The platform includes robust polling features, separate moderator, observer & participant interfaces with the features each user needs, and the only true virtual observer backroom in the industry.

The platform is used by market research analysts, marketing managers, brand managers, product managers and communications professionals.

Bringing your research online allows customers, researchers and observers the ability to access focus groups and interviews from their home or office without having to travel.  The intuitive platform facilitates quick turn-around customer feedback for marketing assets, branding decisions and agile product development cycles.  itracks Realtime provides market researchers a customized solution built for research including automated scheduling, communications management, consent management and reporting features.  The single feed recordings can be used effectively with video analytic platforms, sentiment analysis and facial coding products.  The subscription allows users to access the platform on demand without the hastle of booking focus groups with facilities or virtual service providers. The itracks team can provide additional support services including concierge hosting, media and question programming, participant recruitment, participant incentive management and coordiation of a moderator.  itracks technical support team is responsive and available to all subscribers and research participants.    

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