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ICE: NetApp (BYOL) Storage on Azure as a Service

Intertec Systems LLC

Managed Enterprise Storage for Customers with features like Dedupication , Cloning, Snapshot etc

The Storage architecture on Azure will allow for you to create one logic pool of data between managed disks and blob storage with built in tiering capabilities.

Intertec is please to present the storage architecture in partnership with NetApp that give you enterprise grade data management features and cost savings along with the financial flexibility and reliability of Azure.

This is ideal for enterprise grade customers

  1. looking to move mixed workloads to azure as a lift and shift motion
  2. Existing NetApp customers looking for a DR Replication
  3. For Customers looking to reduce their Cloud Storage footprint.

Have upto 368TB of capacity under a single managed HA Node.

Key Features High Availability - Ensures RPO=0 and RTO<60 secs. Data Protection – With NetApp Snapshot™ technology. Storage Efficiencies – Thin provisioning, data compression, and deduplication. Data Tiering – Automatically move infrequently-used data to object storage. Data Cloning - Create writeable clone volumes instantly and with no capacity penalty. Cloud Migration - With SnapMirror® replication technology. Cloud Manager – UI or APIs for management, automation and orchestration, supporting hybrid & multi-cloud architectures. Kubernetes Integration – For containerized workloads persistent storage.