SmartDA is a conversational AI for answering Microsoft 365 questions

We find out that some of our client’s company are lack of communicate and feedback between employee and the employer. Therefore, a lack of feedback and communicate may result in lower employee engagement rates in the workplace. An internal chatbot can provide not only a way to let employee giving their feedback, but also a 24/7 service for employee to communicate with the “agent” of company.

INTUMIT conducts Research and Development of cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms as our core business. Thus, we are using comprehensive data to train the chatbot and make it smarter than ever. SmartDA is our new release chatbot not only can connect with management systems, but also collects valuable feedback from employee.

SmartDA is a versatile and personalized internal assistant for enterprise users. Integrated through Microsoft Graph, Intumit's conversational AI assists Microsoft 365 users in a dialogue-based fashion through core technologies in contextual reasoning, reinforcement learning, recommending knowledge, and predictive analytics for enterprises. SmartDA can connect with management systems, such as HR systems, IT helpdesk, and more. To start with, users can subscribe for a 30-day free trial first. After 30 days, the fee will be charged depending on the Plan type.

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