iippm Project Status Reports

by inzagi s.r.o.

Solution for project status reports gathering

Project Status Report is an application which supports the project status collection process.

Do you need to manage project portfolio effectively, streamline communication between project stakeholders and make the right decision? Then the Project Status Reports is a must have tool.

The data from the system are collected and prepared for the Project Manager for review and adding comments. The app notifies project managers and portfolio managers about the need for providing information in a timely manner.

When the project status reports are collected, the tool provides an overview of the overall portfolio status. Which is an excellent assistant for portfolio managers and senior management decision making. The right data is available for decision making. Key issues are highlighted and the tool provides deeper insight into projects. Finally, the agenda for portfolio review board can be created automatically.

The tool can be adjusted to specific customer processes and data.

Eliminates inefficiency in communication when gathering information.

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