MagiX Event

by Middle East Network Solutions - IPMagiX

Enable event organizers to handle events’ activities and communication between attendees, exhibitors

MagiX Event is a cloud platform; it integrates with Microsoft SQL server for data storage and retrieval, in addition to, IIS for content serving. This app enables Event organizers to gather more and better information on visitor preferences, analyze the information and translate the findings into future enhancements and, perhaps, revenue streams. With its location-awareness capability, the platform aims to maximize the management of events and conferences to handle many common activities and communications between attendees, exhibitors, and event organizers.

Why MagiX Event?

Involve every participant personally.

  • A cloud platform
  • Accurate location awareness capabilities
  • Various integration options
  • Branding, industry themes & features
  • Ads and Promotions engine
  • Functions on Android and iOS
  • Go green, no need to print event collateral, everything is in the participant's pocket
  • After-Event Reports & Analytics
  • Improved Visitor Experience

  • Hear their voices through polls, surveys and Q&As
  • All event practical information in one place. Interactive maps, agendas, lists and more so they don't miss anything
  • Timely notifications, reminders & visual interactions, leave your event memorable
  • Total engagement from start to finish
  • Positive Financial Impact

  • No hidden costs on infrastructure
  • Location-aware advertising, and monetization services
  • Innovative revenue streams, up-selling & cross-selling capabilities
  • Inventive revenue, increased overall profit, definite ROI
  • Enhanced Business Processes

  • Efficient use by staff
  • Delivers actionable reports & analytics that support smarter, faster decision making
  • Offers back-office functionality that streamlines routine administrative tasks
  • Continuous concentration on service enrichment

At a glance