e-Iprova - Invention Studio

by Iprova Sàrl

Innovate with unprecedented speed, disruption and efficiency using digital technologies

Iprova has developed ML and NLP based technologies which augment and enhance the human ability to invent. This allows the generation of commercially relevant, breakthrough inventions in real-time in direct response to day-day changes around the world.

Iprova’s technology enables the creation of inventions by identifying and connecting useful inventive signals from day-day social, market and technological advances - even if they are very distant to the target invention area. The technology has been built on Iprova’s 10 years of research into invention creation, which captures our experience of working with leading technology companies to create over 2,500 inventions.

e-Iprova is a turnkey package which comprises everything that you need to set up your own in-house data-driven invention lab including software, processes, training and support. The data-driven invention lab is additive and complementary to your existing innovation ecosystem, providing the inventions you need to grow top line revenues through innovative next generation products and services.

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