Organizational Change Management Software

by iTalent Digital

Elevate change management and enable data-driven decisions with powerful, holistic analytics.

Meet Chama, the intelligent change management software that elevates transformational change from the project to the organization or enterprise level and revolutionizes how companies drive and realize strategic change.

Chama is cloud-based software built on Microsoft Azure with embedded PowerBI that enables companies to drive change agility and resiliency to achieve exponential change.

It is a highly flexible and adaptive tool that is compatible with any change management framework you may be using. 

Key Benefits:

Promote visibility & accountability - Illuminate the change magnitude, saturation and risks for your project, program and/or portfolio owners and leaders


Improve adoption - Empower teams to achieve exponential change and continuous learning through powerful insights.


Make data-driven decisions - Enhance success through holistic views and data-based insights across all initiatives to understand what is changing, who is impacted and by how much


Optimize time and resources - Build change orchestration into your company’s DNA by leveraging Chama’s AI-enabled, automated recommendation engine.


Enhance Change Management skills across the enterprise - Reduce the reliance on siloed knowledge by providing easy access to best practices and key learnings.


With Chama, every step of your change management initiative is data-driven, people-focused, and strategically synchronized with your other enterprise projects. 

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