audius: Mobile Service 365

by audius

Approved:Extension of the Customer Service & Field Service solution with important service functions

Due to our many years of expertise and many customer service and field service projects, we have repeatedly combined required functions in one solution. The solution is an extension of Microsoft's Customer Service and Field Service solution specifically for customers in the mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing sectors

- Customer asset extension with fields such as installation date, contact to location
- Automatic service report dispatch incl. checklists to the customer
- Skills / certificates with expiration date and automatic reminder for renewal
- Intelligent text templates in Customer Service
- Extension of the inquiry screen for Field Service
- Important information is automatically sent to the customer
- Billing information per item
- Possibility to set blockers for technicians
- Simple returns processing
- Scheduling also from hotels (travel time from hotel)
- Intelligent document storage
- Better support for the technician through intelligent history
- Weekly reports
- Simple booking of additional resources (main booking / secondary bookings)
- Simple creation of follow-up orders
- Service contracts (extension to agreements)

The solution is based on the best-practice approach and contains the most important extensions you need for your field service solution. Save not only time during implementation but also money and resources on your side.

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