by ITEXACT Limited

Optimise, secure, and control your Azure and M365 environments to maximise your Microsoft investment

Optimise, Secure, and Control

Using read-only access, Surveil taps into your Azure and Microsoft 365 environments to surface potential cost savings, security and governance risks, and the organisational insights that help keep users in control.

  • Optimise costs and productivity by highlighting adoption and usage statistics, uncovering zombie accounts, and identifying duplicated third-party functionality – before acting on Surveil’s smart recommendations

  • Secure your organisation by monitoring security feature usage, closing permissions gaps, and enhancing governance capabilities – all aligned to your Microsoft Secure Score goals
  • Control your environment with full views of resources, licensing, and identities, supported by recommended actions and presented in a single pane of glass view for all your environments

See beyond the horizon.

Integrating seamlessly and directly with Azure, Azure Stack and Microsoft 365, Surveil aligns Cloud costs with your business billing categories to give you the Who, What and Where of your running costs.

Furthering visibility, Surveil also supports retrospective analysis on historical data and pre-consumptive cost analysis to help with the planning of future budgets, while its advanced analytics engine rapidly provides information on collaboration, solution adoption, and third-party apps.

We want to make wasted spend a thing of the past.

Surveil empowers you to fully utilise Microsoft’s Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions while maintaining your business’ budget – simplifying your Microsoft 365 Governance, Identity, and Licensing management efficiently and securely.

  • Create flexible, automated, and personalised tags and rules for cost allocation that pertain to your business needs
  • Gain knowledge into resource use and operational expenditure with up-to daily automated reports
  • View costs going up or down against any system and business categories to provide billing transparency and realise potentially substantial on-going savings through redirection of previously misappropriated allocations

Take back control.

Fully leverage cloud capabilities for your teams, managed and monitored by Surveil to near real-time consumption, all while optimising usage and maximising the savings offered by Microsoft.

It’s now possible to control your spend without being an IT expert; Surveil gives team managers the control they need to stay on budget with scheduled automatic resource management, alerts and recommendations on spend.

  • Enhance the security and governance of your Azure and Microsoft 365 environments through Surveil’s transparency
  • Use insights into adoption, usage, security, and expenditure to power confident decision-making at speed
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your identities – including joiners, leavers, and their permissions

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