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Luminate Warehouse Tasking

JDA Software - Global

Optimize your warehouse operation and deliver more value.

Luminate Warehouse Tasking unlocks efficacy using a new approach to organizing work with a robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution running without interruption on Microsoft® Azure®. Its tasking engine uses a powerful algorithm to add an additional layer of capability to JDA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). SaaS-based delivery ensures you can always run the latest version with current features and capabilities. The premium for skilled dependable labor has never been higher. Achieve efficiency gains through better resource utilization and tackle the problem of work force visibility. As Luminate Warehouse Tasking evolves, it provides a deeper view into productivity and other labor parameters. The engine focuses your work force on the most importance tasks at a given time, based on parameters you define with optimized tasking. In a fast-moving marketplace, maintaining the highest level of efficiency and the lowest cost of operations is an ongoing challenge; especially in the face of mounting service levels. Customers are demanding faster deliveries with shorter order-to-ship cycles, and the warehouse environment is constantly changing. That means nonstop changes in staffing levels, inventory positioning, equipment and travel distances. Ready to deliver agility for single task warehouse operations? Achieve the highest level of efficiency for single task operations with data-driven precision and the ability uncover operational difficulties. Optimize your warehouse operation and deliver more value – view, analyze and respond to changes in task priorities in near real-time. Because no matter how complex the supply chain, Luminate Warehouse Tasking, part of JDA® Luminate™ Logistics, makes yours more agile.