Johns Hopkins Balance - Mental Health Program

by Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

Proactive, preventative mental health support

Taking care of our mental health has become more important than ever. But for most people, it's difficult to understand their mental health needs, or when it's time for them to seek professional help. And when they do try to get support, it's not always easy to find. That's where Balance comes in. The Johns Hopkins Balance program quickly and conveniently connects people to the right care for them.

When you're responsible for the health care costs and health outcomes of your workforce, patients or health plan members, it's critical to take a proactive approach to mental health.
Balance fits into your population strategy by:
    • Prevention: Balance focuses on early detection to identify mental health risks before they become a crisis.
    • Comprehensive Survey: Our holistic survey looks at an individual's personality, behaviors and life experiences as well as physical and mental health.
    • Full-Family Support: Balance adapts to the changing mental health needs of any population – including adolescent children.

The Balance program begins with a short survey, from there, participants with an identified concern are confidentially matched with a dedicated, program-trained Care Concierge for immediate support, and are connected to specialists and available resources as needed. This is what sets Balance apart. Coordinating care helps people take advantage of the well-being benefits and resources already available to them (including EAP's and community resources) and quality training and oversight by Johns Hopkins faculty ensure best-in-class support.

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