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Microsoft 365 Certified

Mental Fitness embedded in Microsoft 365. What's your joy level today? Be your Best. Every day.

Imagine, on a Monday Joye shares personalised recommendations to make this a better week. During the week, imagine after a stressful meeting Joye prompts you to recharge, and enables you to be your best self again. Imagine, on a Friday Joye prompts you to think of what went well this week, and prepares you for a great weekend! This is every day mental health: mental fitness in the flow of work.
Joye shares personalised and engaging advice for every employee's unique state-of-mind to make them happier and productive - like a good mentor or companion would. While this helps the wellbeing of the employees, it also builds culture and improves productivity for the company.
Welcome to Wellbeing 2.0. Productivity 2.0. Culture 2.0.
Reduce Risk. Increase Productivity. Build Culture. Over 10x ROI. Create a customised ROI analysis for your company here:
Subscribe today for your company with a few easy buy&deploy clicks from your Teams Admin Center. If you buy our Enterprise License, you'll receive anonymised Joye Insights dashboard - you can now measure and manage the daily emotional health of your company. We also customise an intelligent triage from Joye's daily fitness to your EAPs and other wellbeing programs - integrating all your wellbeing programs through Microsoft Teams.
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For individual users, your company's Microsoft Teams Admin will need to approve permissions for Joye to work for you. Please read installation guidance at :
Joye is ISO27001 & M365 certified, and GDPR compliant. We don't share employee's private information with the employer or third-parties.
Joye is pronounced as 'joy'

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