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Mental Fitness: '10,000 steps' of mental wellbeing now embedded in your Teams

It's time to add joy to work - to feel right, to feel positive, to feel happier! For everyone, every day.

Joye enables every employee to become a better version of themselves by weaving personalised nudges for positive mental health in the flow of work. Joye for Microsoft Teams shares timely, personalised and engaging advice for every employee's unique state-of-mind - to make them happier and productive.
Welcome to Wellbeing 2.0.
Imagine - after a stressful meeting Joye prompts you to recharge and boost your productivity again! Joye analyses your work patterns in Teams with extreme privacy, and prompts you at the right time at the right time to make you happier and productive.

Be assured that no employee data is shared with the employer. Joye is a ISO 27001 company certified for Info-Security. Joye is an independent organisation and your employer will not have access to your personal information.

Joye is pronounced as joy

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