by KalSoft

Cloud-based knowledge hub & intranet platform to improve knowledge sharing & collaboration.

For the digital transformation of any business – data management, document sharing, productivity & collaboration, is of utmost importance. 

This is where KalSoft & Microsoft’s IP Co-Sell ready & bespoke solution, Kollaborate365, comes in.  It is a cloud-based knowledge hub & intranet platform that supports your employees and your business, allowing you to improve knowledge sharing, employee collaboration & engagement. Built on Microsoft Technologies – SharePoint Online 2019, OneDrive, Yammer, Office  365  &  Azure,  Kollaborate365  is the customizable knowledge hub  &  digital workplace built to help employees get things done by making information available. It’s a one-stop-shop for sharing knowledge, boosting productivity, connecting staff together, and collaborating.  It helps business users to manage and share their knowledge more effectively,  efficiently &  easily using a  highly secured environment,  allowing users to automate their processes through workflows and templates.


KalSoft with 20 years of experience and portfolio of successful delivery of 100’s of projects within Information Technology domain, is offering Kollaborate365 for any business sector to help them automate and step into the world of digital transformation, enhanced productivity & collaboration.

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