Keboola Personalized Insights at Scale

by Keboola

Personalized customer insights that decrease leakage, increase conversions and generate new revenue

Financial Services & Banking organizations are challenged to create new customer insights and experiences as the digital age has rapidly transformed customers’ expectations and desires. The winners in the new era of modern banking monetize existing customer data, delight customers with personal real-time, experiences and generate new revenue streams.

Keboola’s Personalized Insights Business Data App is a complete end-to-end view of your customer journey performance and initiatives and the impact it has on your revenue streams to leapfrog you to scaled business insights and revenue.

How it works:

Keboola's Business Data Apps are out-of-the-box seamless data source, logic and ML templates that drive business outcomes in 30 days visualized in your existing dashboard or Power BI. We begin by having a strategy session about how to deploy the Business Data app in accordance with your department’s security and compliance standards. Once that is complete, we deploy the Business Data app and set up the data acquisition from the department’s systems such as CRM, e-mailing platform, call center software, marketing automation, etc. into existing dashboards or custom Power BI dashboards. Lastly, we train the department on how to manage the data and iterate the dashboards.

Business Outcomes you Achieve:

  • Decreased sales leakage and conversion optimization for A/B testing of new messaging and product
  • Mapped touchpoints and factors (channels, journey steps, messaging) to unrealized revenue
  • Predict sales impact with the highest leverage, and optimize your sales process for the long run with a nearly immediate feedback loop
  • Measure impact and benchmarks of campaigns across channels and customer’s journey
  • Understand an individual customer’s behavior deep enough to optimize and personalize offers and experiences targeted at them, at full enterprise scale
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback on products and services

Keboola is a data operations platform that enables banks to scale business insights and revenue through automated workflows and experimentation. The powerful platform has helped some of the world's largest companies rapidly transition from ad hoc spreadsheets to centralized access and state-of-the-art data governance, visibility, and control. For more info, visit


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