SMART on FHIR Based Data and AI Accelerator


Accelerate movement of EMR, Claims and Medical Devices data onto Azure in FHIR format for AI & ML

One of the key challenges that healthcare providers and payers face in launching AI initiatives is having to rapidly prepare and ingest data from hundreds of data sources (e.g. EMR, Claims, IOMT). Ensuring the datasets can be used in feature engineering for ML models requires complex transformations that are time consuming to create.

Leverage the KenSci Runtime platform to simplify and accelerate movement of your data onto Azure in FHIR format, and provision system-wide analytics that delivers a comprehensive view of your health system.

  • Set up standardized infrastructure architecture for data and AI workloads within your Azure Infrastructure.
  • Simplify first mile challenges of on-boarding health care data to Azure using FHIR
  • Open-up locked-in data through FHIR, for AI & Analytics
  • Extend to onboard medical devices data in real-time, using Azure IOT for FHIR
  • Surface system-wide executive views covering key organizational KPIs

The SMART on FHIR Based Data & AI Accelerator offer includes 5 key stages to accelerate your FHIR based Data infrastructure and provision an on-going data stream for AI

  1. Reference Architecture - 
    • Standardized infrastructure for enterprise Data and Cloud workloads with FHIR service
  2. Data onboarded on Azure -
    • Seamless data onboarding and ingestion pipeline from dominant HLS data sources like EMR, Claims, HL7 and Azure IOT for FHIR
  3. Real Time System wide Command Center  -
    • Unique systemwide KPI views for identifying variations and outliers to assist in planning
  4. SMART on FHIR App - 
    • First vision demonstration for real time app, based on FHIR data
  5. FHIR Dev Workshop- 
    • Hands-on workshops to onboard developers and analysts to enable your team to build dashboards and models
KenSci has published solutions built using the KenSci Data & AI Accelerator. These solutions are published on the marketplace:
  1. Realtime Command Center
  2. Remote Diabetes Management using Azure IOT for FHIR (Coming Soon)
  3. Inpatient Bed Analytics for AI using Azure IOT for FHIR (Coming Soon)
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